BORDEAUX - Chateau Rieussec - Carmes De Rieussec 2012 - Sauternes

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BORDEAUX - Chateau Rieussec - Carmes De Rieussec 2012 - Sauternes




The second wine of Château Rieussec is selected from the same bases as the great wine.Its permanent feature is a beautiful aromatic amplitude with a dominant citrus palette. The name Carmes de Rieussec refers to the monks of the Carmelites of Langon, owners of the estate of Rieussec in the eighteenth century.

Region : Château Rieussec is a vineyard located in Fargues in Gironde. In AOC Sauternes, it is ranked first Grand Cru in the official classification of Bordeaux wines from 1855.
Tasting notes : Floral nose, acacia, fresh pear and candied apricot. Mouth very round from the beginning, then tightens, becomes more mineral with a long and expressive finish in fruity notes.

History : In the 18th century, the Domaine de Rieussec belonged to the monks of the Carmelites of Langon. The confiscation of the Domain to the revolution

led to its sale in 1790 as "National Good" to Mr. Marheilhac, owner at the time of Château La Louvière in Léognan. In the 1855 classification, Mr. Mayne is the owner. 
The quality of the Rieussec terroir is recognized as the Premier Cru Classé of Sauternes and Barsac. Château Rieussec was acquired by the Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) in 1984, the estate then comprises 110 ha including 68 ha of vines.
Terroir :
The vineyard of Château Rieussec extends at the junction of Fargues and Sauternes, it is adjacent to the Château d'Yquem. 
Rieussec is one of the most important properties of Sauternes, the vineyards cover 93 ha of land of gravel, felted with silt. 
An emblematic grape variety of Sauternes, Sémillon dominates (90%), supplemented by Sauvignon (7%) and Muscadelle (3%). 
The production is low and variable at the will of Mother Nature, the traditional reference of a vine to produce a bottle of wine in the Médoc here is rather a vine producing a glass of wine!

Viticulture : The beginning of the wine year was complex to manage, marked by a relatively low rainfall from January to March and very low in April. Early morning dews combined with low humidity and high temperatures provided a favorable context for the development of powdery mildew (cryptogamic disease), which required a great deal of vigilance on the part of our winemakers. The months of August and September were irregularly humid, conditions conducive to the development of botrytis, followed by a beautiful Indian summer that allowed to wait for the optimum time and spread the harvest (7 passages) until November 2 .



Owner Domains Barons de Rothschild (Lafite)
Assembly Sémillon: 84% 
Sauvignon: 12% 
Muscadelle: 4%
terroir Graves, Limon
Agriculture traditional
Keep 15 years
Service 10 ° C