BURGUNDY - Domaine Ardhui - Les Lambots 2017 - Pommard

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BURGUNDY - Domaine Ardhui - Les Lambots 2017 -  Pommard




Grape : Pinot noir 100%

Terroir : Fine white limestone of lithography quality (also known as limes- tone of Nantoux), thin and poor in nutrients but well-drained and dry.

Tasting notes: the Pommard « Les Lambots » is the perfect example of Pommard: its well-structured, rich, and robust qualities are more characteristic than fruitiness or delicacy.

Matching Food  : This is an excellent wine to complement game or rich meat dishes and stews.

History : Harvested by hand and sorted, the grapes are completely destemmed before a rapid fermentation. Maceration lasts about 12 days, with the cap punched frequently, during which time the temperature mounts gradually from 16-17°C towards a natural maximum of 28-30°C. No enzymes of any kind are used to extract colour artificially. The free-run wine and first press are blended, allowed to settle for two to three days, and put in barrels. The wine, matured over the course of a year, is in 30% new oak from Bertranges forests, which are relatively neutral in aromatics, promoting the fruits while the grain allows natural softening of the tannins – which tend to be a bit harsh when the wine is first removed from the vats. The wine is then bottled without fining and with light filtering.